Don’t Work 8 Hours For A Company To Go Home And Not Work On Your Own Goals

Working forty hours per week is exhausting. Working full-time, keeping in touch with family and friends, eating healthy and exercising, while finding some time to relax in between is even more difficult. On top of all life’s demands, finding inspiration and working on personal goals is challenging. Whether a career happens to be a dream job, or just means for making a living, setting aside time for self-improvement and implementing goals is necessary.

I have met numerous people that commit everything to their careers and the companies who employ them. They are the perfect employee. They come in early, stay late, solve every problem, accept blame for every inconvenience, but for what? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that company isn’t going to return the favor. Of course we have career goals and want to appear valuable to our colleagues, but this shouldn’t overrule personal goals. Work hard for the boss, get the promotion, but don’t put everything into a company at the expense of your personal growth.

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” — Farrah Gray.

While we all need jobs to make money to live, the idea that work should consume your life baffles me. I have always focused on my career and constantly contemplated the next step for my future, but there should be a balance between success in your occupation and attainment of goals. Careers can be a source of passion and happiness, but fulfillment is harder to discover within the workplace.

Generations before me have instilled the idea that one should be grateful for their employment and the opportunity to make money. While I am thankful and content with my work, I believe it’s a necessity to be selfish when accomplishing personal objectives. The bittersweet days of pensions and social security are dwindling and loyalty to one company for an entire career isn’t as significant. Pursuing self-fulfilling endeavors is a viable option for everyone, regardless of income driven “day jobs.”

Develop goals outside of the workplace. Find inspiration from ambitions. Work hard for not only professional advancement, but personal growth as well.

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