Hania Shows Summertime Self-Care on “Hollywood”

Hania’s latest single “Hollywood” is realism and heartbreak disguised in a whimsical summertime ballad. While the lyrics describe one couple’s decision to focus on individual growth instead of a relationship, the melody creates a glamorous façade and the perfect backdrop for Hania’s sultry vocals.

Los Angeles is a place of allure. Hollywood is a destination where one’s biggest aspirations can become a reality. In addition to its romanticism, Hollywood is also the birthplace of broken dreams and high expectations. Hania’s “Hollywood” is a modern depiction of the pursuit of happiness and positive personal development. The song has the nostalgia of a classic love story with a twist. Instead of a beautiful woman finding love within a man, she is nurturing a love for herself and her passions.

The songstress serenades listeners with soft and airy verses, while also showing her varying range on the song’s hook. The track is a genre-bending piece, highlighting Hania’s unique voice. The cover art is sensual and mysterious showing a woman’s shadowy silhouette in front of a window overlooking a sunset. The image is the perfect representation of attractiveness and underlying deeper meaning.

“Hollywood” is the perfect release to set the stage for the newly independent artist. Her harmonizing vocals combined with storytelling lyricism prove to be a successful recipe for more new music to come.

Listen on Spotify. Follow Hania on Instagram and Twitter.

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