New Music Alert: Magdalena Bay’s Airplane

The eclectic pop duo, Magdalena Bay creates a euphoria of upbeat yet relatable songs that provide fans with a balance of emotional resonation and carefree listening. Boasting a cult following on YouTube and Instagram, its two members have recently garnered the attention of MTV, NYLON, Earmilk, and more. For their latest single, “Airplane,” Matt and Mica create a sense of life reflection mixed with a … Continue reading New Music Alert: Magdalena Bay’s Airplane

Your New Monday Motivation: The Daps and Pounds Show

Monday morning approaches with the overwhelming burden of a new week’s responsibilities. While Mondays may bring the blues, it also brings new episodes of the “Daps and Pounds” podcast. The show’s hosts, Malcolm Groves “Malcy” and Zach Doebler “Doby” provide tasteful banter and discussion of music and pop culture. The podcast reviews weekly new music along with sports and entertainment news, as well as commentary … Continue reading Your New Monday Motivation: The Daps and Pounds Show

Ye or Nay

Six days have passed since the release of Kanye’s Wyoming-based album, Ye. Being a GOOD Music fan, a Summer filled with album releases kicked off by Pusha T’s Daytona sounds like the perfect compilation. After listening to the seven tracks, chewing it over for the past few days, I reluctantly must spit it out. While an abrupt release is no surprise from Yeezy, the album … Continue reading Ye or Nay